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Teargans balm naturals pain relief (1 x 1.55 oz)

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Teargans Balm is an innovative safe ointment with a pleasant scent made from natural herbal extracts.

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Teargans Balm is an innovative safe ointment with a pleasant scent made from natural herbal extracts.

It is an ultra ointment to treat and relax sore muscles, fast acting relief for muscle aches, muscle strains, muscle sprains, and insect bites.

It is an ointment which can break up the adhesive areas resulting in impartments in range of motion. It is effective, just rub it well on the affected area 2 times daily. Results are often in a few hours after applying.

Teargans Balm is recommended by the pharmacists in the USA as a number one ointment for its unique prevention & treatments of the body pain without the need of prescription.

Treat your body pain with teargans BALM NATURALS today.

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7 reviews for Teargans balm naturals pain relief (1 x 1.55 oz)

  1. Levent Ok

    Teargans Balm is incredible, I start using it. I stop taking pain killer. Thank you God bless you.

  2. Richard B.

    I have suffered from my lower back pain for years due to car crashed, at one time I was not able to stand up. I tried almost everything including taking pain killer to reduce the pain until I discovered teargans balm, I applied it on my lower back as it was directed and could not believe how my pain level decreased almost to zero after a few days of using this ointment. I definitely recommend Teargans Balm, it works.

  3. Rashi

    The Balm you sent me was amazing as my pain is acute. it started to relive pain but now it’s working Miracle on my pain….. Thank You Again !! make more people live without pain meds…..Hallelujah !!

  4. Mike A

    Had major knee surgery March of 2024, shortly after experienced a slow recovery. Dr. sadegi approached me with Teargans Balm and his assistance with correct daily application.
    the results on the very next day were surprising, sharp decrease in pain level, swelling and improvement in exercising levels.
    hope this testimonial helps if you have body pain like I did.

    Mike A.

  5. Char

    I recently fell and injured my back and elbow.
    t started using teargans Balm and applied it on the affected area morning before going to work and the evening after taking a warm shower.
    after a couple of weeks the pain was gone.
    I highly recommend using Teargans Balm.

  6. Noushin

    I would like to thank you and tell you how happy I am with your teargans Balm pain relief product.
    I have tried other oral and topical pain relief medications, but I am more satisfied with the result of your Balm.
    i have recommended teargans balm to some of my friends and they are as happy as I am with the outcome. I definitely recommend teargans balm to as the number one pain relief and looking forward to see this product in the market for a long time.

  7. Pam Eagan

    I am in my late 60’s & have been using Teargans Balm for about a month.

    I apply it nightly to a very painful deteriorating grand toe joint. it seems to be working quite well. when I awake in the morning, I am experiencing 90% pain relief.

    I had stem cell injections that did not work.

    With Much appreciation,

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